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11156329_750609815060658_7332526282483073246_n (1)How much could you improve your health in 2016?

Industrial capitalists have created an environmental catastrophe through the use of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive pollutants, and even nano-robotic brain and nervous system control technologies. These contaminants have infiltrated our water sources, the air we breathe and our food, having a severe impact on the human race and our ability to live a normal, healthy life.



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Clean up and detoxify the body; Revitalize your organs and brain functioning at the cellular levelIntuit for Yourself What You Should Do Each Day for Your Health Parasites are the plague of the 21st Century; How to clean your body of these unwanted guests.

Thank you, thank you, thank you” -L. Ryan, New York

“Thank you, Scott. I cannot tell you how helpful the fear-facing chapter was. Today was literally a life-changing       day for me” -Lindsay de Swart, Canada


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“Filled with insight, Breakthrough is both inspiring and practical. It’s a wonderful handbook for anyone wanting to go to another level in their life.” –Stephen M. R. Covey